About Elizabeth

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth was born on Stord, Norway in 1977. She works as a nurse, specializing in geriatrics and health administration. On her time off she does paintings, design and photography. Her photography work can be seen here:
Her art work is influenced by her love of horror movies, all kinds of music and books on art, history and philosophy.
She has a passion to work with undiscovered artists and she is the founder and CEO of the non-profit organization Art Alliance Norway. The organization has two websites,
www.theartalliance.net and www.theartalliance.org  
Elizabeth is also the co-founder of the charity organization Light of Hope, which has its main office in Kampala, Uganda. You can read more on the organization here:


Elizabeth at an art exhibition

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Abba | Svar 19.10.2010 17:17

congratulations with 50 000 views Liza

Frigga | Svar 29.08.2010 16:34

great bio Liza, cool that ur a nurse!

Tim | Svar 26.04.2010 21:12

nice look! Elizabeth rocks!

gina | Svar 11.03.2010 20:03

so eccentric

Sofia | Svar 27.02.2010 22:01

aaah look into my eyes hehe cool

Kaylee | Svar 05.12.2009 17:24

The cat is adorable!!

Renee | Svar 30.11.2009 17:27

Love this site!

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Beautiful paintings Lisa

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Great painting

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What a masterpiece

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Simply gorgeous

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