My angel

Six years ago I had to suddenly take a homeless cat into my care. He was found in the woods in Fana, very diseased.
I took him into my home and spent a whole year treating him for parasites before he was healthy. Luckily he tested negative for aids. Sussebass is my best friend, he is my favorite photography motive and has become a huge blessing in my life. I am telling this story because I want to encourage everyone to help the many homeless cats that live in the woods and on the streets in Norway. If they are only treated for diseases, neutered and cared for, they can become your loving, healthy pet!
(written in 2009)

You can also see more of my photography on my other website:

Strike a pose

Sussebass loves my mother`s couch! A perfect place for modeling...


Mommy and Sussebass - dressed up and ready to party!

New carpet

Sussebass likes Elizabeth`s new carpet

Art work

The beautiful Sussebass - a work of art!

The look

Sussebass looking up at the sun

Happy & healthy

The misery is over - Sussebass is happy and healthy in 2010!


Elizabeth likes to experiment with pictures of Sussebass


He is a dream to work with!


Always elegant!


Happy New Year

This morning I didn`t even want to go outside because it was so cold and my car was covered in snow and ice. Then suddenly the sunshine came in through the window and Sussebass looked so beautiful! I took some amazing pictures and you can see them all on my photography site here:
Happy New Year to everyone from Sussebass!

The creative cat

Sussebass passed away

Sussebass passed away on July 23rd 2012 and Elizabeth is in a process of grief. Please pray for her in this difficult time as Sussebass was her only family other than her parents and sister. It will take a while for her to get over 9 years of companionship but she will make it.

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vention | Svar 23.04.2013 23:02

you did the right thing 4 him, may he rest in peace

furry | Svar 26.08.2012 15:34

ohh he was adorable! so sorry for your loss.

Ryan | Svar 02.03.2010 17:58

great story I am so glad he is doing better now!

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Beautiful paintings Lisa

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Great painting

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What a masterpiece

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Simply gorgeous

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