New style of art


From now on Elizabeth Dallee will also be doing sculptures. Many things were stuffed away and have now been taken out to be made into art work.  Check out this artistic skull!


Here is another close up of the skull. Enjoy!


Some of Elizabeth`s friends also do sculptures on their time off. One of them is the leader of the organization WICO, dr. Dalia Steiner. You can see her art work on here:

Read more about WICO here: and

WICO`s Vice President, CEO of Art Alliance Norway, Elizabeth Dallee also does a blog for WICO and you can see it here:
Sculpture by Dalia Steiner


A woman wearing the Norwegian national dress - the bunad! Created by Elizabeth Dallee


This hand with Elizabeth`s hand print (a part of it has fallen off) was made in 1982!

Sissel`s sculptures

Elizabeth`s friend Sissel Drange has made some beautiful sculptures. Check out her gallery:

and her new paintings:

Enjoy this beautiful sculpture she did when she attended art school!
Mosque sculpture by Sissel Drange

The finished project

Elizabeth has been working more on the skull sculpture, here is a new picture of what it looks like now

The Cross

A cross was added to take away the powers of evil from the skull!


Spiders crawling over the skulls head, check out the artistic pink colours that were added also
Spiders covered in pink


This is the backside of the sculpture, showing how the two skulls are blindfolded.

Check out the video that was made of the sculpture:

The name for the project is "Blindfolded By Love"
Enjoy the art work!
"Blindfolded By Love"

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Hamza | Svar 09.05.2010 14:06

nice skull project Liz and I liked the video

Grete | Svar 20.04.2010 12:17

Nice bunad Liz, design from Stord?

LIA | Svar 20.03.2010 15:43

how cool!!

Shahid | Svar 27.01.2010 23:26

It looks great Eliza!

Michelle | Svar 27.01.2010 23:22

I love the skull, please keep on going with this style

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16.07 | 22:44

Beautiful paintings Lisa

16.07 | 00:31

Great painting

14.07 | 23:15

What a masterpiece

13.07 | 18:56

Simply gorgeous

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