Elizabeth`s YouTube Channel

All the videos in one place

Elizabeth now has her own YouTube Channel where all the videos we have made have been uploaded. We hope you will like the YouTube Channel and you are very welcome to add her as a friend, subscribe to the channel and leave positive comments to the videos.

Here is the link to the channel:

If you are an artist who has made some videos, we are more than happy to have them on the channel as well. Please contact Elizabeth on elisadallee@yahoo.com
Elizabeth Dallee

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Henny | Svar 30.08.2010 12:54

great videos on the YouTube channel!

Francine | Svar 23.04.2010 01:51

The YouTube channel is good! You will build a strong following! what about twitter!!?

Angela | Svar 17.02.2010 21:09

I have been waiting for this, she needs a YouTube channel!

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16.07 | 22:44

Beautiful paintings Lisa

16.07 | 00:31

Great painting

14.07 | 23:15

What a masterpiece

13.07 | 18:56

Simply gorgeous

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