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The painting "The Versatile Lover" by Elizabeth Dallee

Want to buy a painting?

If you are interested in buying a painting by Elizabeth Dallee, please get in touch on e-mail:

Please get in touch so we can discuss the details. Shipping all over the world. Take a look at the web shop on this site. Don`t miss this opportunity to have some unique art work in your home!

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henry | Svar 18.12.2012 23:12

180 000 views! congratulations!

Dennis | Svar 02.07.2010 19:15

I will contact you about the painting

Maritza | Svar 14.04.2010 13:10

I will add u on facebook

Wera | Svar 13.04.2010 20:49

I want to buy a painting

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16.07 | 22:44

Beautiful paintings Lisa

16.07 | 00:31

Great painting

14.07 | 23:15

What a masterpiece

13.07 | 18:56

Simply gorgeous

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